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May 2023: Protect Against Email Delivered Cyberattacks

Email delivered cyberattacks continue to grow in volume and evolve in complexity. Cyber security professionals are utilizing a wide variety of tools and techniques, including cloud-based security solutions, to protect against email delivered ransomware, phishing, spoofing and more. Join the Hartford Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance to hear about top email risks, along with the latest techniques and capabilities designed to protect against what remains a top delivery mechanism for threat actors.

What You Learned

  • Multiple company’s experience in dealing with email threats

  • Tools and techniques for email security that have worked (and some that haven’t)

  • Leveraging cloud-based security solutions for email security

Thank you to our moderator and panelists:




Steve is a senior IT security leader with over 30 years of cybersecurity experience within Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. He holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from Shippensburg University (PA) but has been in technology his entire career. He has worked in both hands-on and management roles across DOD contractors, local governments, one now-defunct electronic reseller, and has now spent 15 years at MassMutual. He has worked with email, from implementation of Internet email in the late 1980s with dial up modems on AS/400 and UNIX systems to leading the Trusted Email program since implementation at MassMutual. He started the info security program at Circuit City before heading to New England to join MassMutual and the many roles that would bring. He has been a CISSP for 20 years.




Gabe, having spent 5 years in the Cyber Security field, has created a world class email security program. He is currently an Information Security Consultant and Technology Lead for MassMutual's Trusted Email program. The Trusted Email program is responsible for ensuring inbound emails received by MassMutual employees are safe and secure as well as for ensuring the 700+ outbound email domains are utilizing DMARC/SPF/DKIM to help prevent spoofing and increase email deliverability to customers. This is accomplished through the ongoing analysis of data driven risk insights and the constant tuning of MassMutual's email security products.



Abnormal Security

Joe Crehan, Senior Security Consultant for the Northeast region, has been with Abnormal for two years and has over 20 years' IT experience building highly available, virtualized, and green data centers from greenfield to operating systems. Joe has over 10 years' experience securing messaging, networking, and physical borders and has held engineering roles at organizations including Barracuda Networks, Xiotech, and General Electric.



Wells Fargo

Karolyn Maloney is currently the head of Cyber Hygiene for Wells Fargo Information Cyber Security. In her role, Karolyn is responsible for setting policy, identifying gaps, and overseeing remediation of all aspects of cyber hygiene, which includes vulnerability management, asset management, and configuration management. She has previously held roles in Identity and Access Management, Software Security, Data Protection, and Incident Response and has experience in the Healthcare and Retail industries. Karolyn is passionate about growing future leaders and mentors many early in career individuals.

Thank you to our sponsors:

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